Discover the best destinations to travel to Colombia and spend an unforgettable vacation with the experiences of Connect Colombia.

Top Travel Destinations

Colombia's diversity creates some of the best destinations if you want to discover something different during your stay. Here you will find the perfect plan for everyone.

Connect Colombia is currently providing experiences in Medellin, Cartagena, and The Coffee Region. Each of these destinations is unique and represents the diversity of Colombia.

Many people travel to Medellin thinking about Pablo Escobar and the city's past, but now, it has changed completely and this city has many things to offer: its history, culture and colorful streets.

In Cartagena, you will be awed with the colonial architecture beautifully preserved, it's active nightlife and breathtaking beaches.

When visiting the Coffee Region, you should always remember to try some of the best coffee of the world and leave some time to check some of its best destinations like Salento, Cocora Valley or Los Nevados National Park.
Best destinations and travel in Colombia
A city stuck in time with beautiful Spanish architecture that dates back to the 1500s, African culture, undiscovered beaches and islands, the sounds of champeta, and celebrations all year long make Cartagena the cultural hub of Colombia.
What used to be the most dangerous city in the world is now one of the most visited cities in Colombia. In 2015, National Geographic recognized Medellin as one of the top 21 must see places.
Immerse yourself in the coffee culture by visiting private plantations and learn the process of making Colombian coffee.

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This is what our travelers are saying about their experiences with Connect Colombia
Monish B., USA
"Wow, there is literally no other way to travel to Colombia unless you are doing it with the services of Connect Colombia! From the moment my party of 10 arrived in Medellin, we were greeted by our driver in an air conditioned bus and the fun ensued from that moment onward. The entire itinerary was laid out for us and we got a good mix of culture, tourism, and nightlife. Planning the trip ahead of time was so seamless as the only thing I had to do was book my flight and Connect Colombia took care of the rest, even securing one of the nicest accommodations in the city for my group. It's been a few weeks since our Medellin trip and all of us are still talking about how great the trip was. 5 stars!!!!!"
Monish B., USA
Alberto, USA
“Connect Colombia helped us plan the perfect wellness retreat for our clients in Cartagena. It was our first time in Colombia and we fell in love.”
Alberto, USA
Leo, USA
“We always wanted to visit Colombia but never really knew how to connect with the right wellness professionals to help us detox from our every day lives. We are thankful for Connect Colombia for making this happen”
Leo, USA
Jon, USA
"My first time in Colombia, we went to Medillin, well organized, safe beautiful and extremely fun!!!"
Jon, USA
Ycnaduy, USA
"Cartagena was beyond amazing and I know in part because it was meticulously planned by @connectcolombia. The house, the restaurants, the boat rides, the food (obsessed with arepa de huevo and jugo de maracuyá) the vallenato band brought to the house (I danced like never before) and the dedication from Linda, made our trip truly unforgettable. I fell in love with Colombia and will be using this company to explore more. Thank you @connectcolombia for your outstanding services. Medellin, Cali and Bogota, I am coming for you!"
Ycnaduy, USA
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To do in Colombia

Paradise is on earth and we know where it is. Discover the best places and things to do in Colombia.
Colombia's history and culture are characterized by the colonial and modern architectural mix of its cities. That magical realism hides a certain sumptuousness, especially in Cartagena. And we tell you about the best luxury experiences of its most beautiful cities.
Cartagena is well-known as one of the most popular cities in Colombia, with its gorgeous architecture, warm weather, rich history and plenty stuff to do, you will want to have a small guide about what to do in La Heroica.
If you are about to go to a boat party in Cartagena, especially in Cholon Island, your trip is going to be a perfect experience instead of a regular vacation with your family. This is the time of the year to go wild, so don’t show up without these essential items.

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