Responsible Traveler

How to Travel to Colombia

Responsible Traveler

Shop, Eat, and Enjoy Everything Local

Connect Colombia is committed to operating in a responsible, sustainable, and respectful manner and we expect all of our travelers to do the same. Below are some general tips to have a responsible vacation when you travel to Colombia:
  • Do not litter, be considerate of the environment and preserve our beautiful landscapes.
  • Be conscious of plastic waste. Try to refill your water bottles when possible.
  • Be culturally sensitive. We promote love and unity, be mindful of people's beliefs, religion, and traditions.
  • Reduce energy consumption by turning off your lights when leaving your accommodations, unplug electrical items like your phone charger, and hair iron.
  • Think local. Support the local economy by dining and shopping from local vendors.
  • Use public transportation and Uber where possible.
  • Do not support the exploitation of children, women, or endangered animals.
  • Do not support the illegal drug or sex trade. We have zero tolerance for this.
As a tourist, when you travel to Colombia be conscious of all the unforgettable experiences you'll get in its territory; for that reason, support Colombian business and be kind to its people, they will treat you respectfully, and help you to create the most amazing memories.

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This is what our travelers are saying about their experiences with Connect Colombia
"Cartagena was beyond amazing and I know in part because it was meticulously planned by @connectcolombia. The house, the restaurants, the boat rides, the food (obsessed with arepa de huevo and jugo de maracuyá) the vallenato band brought to the house (I danced like never before) and the dedication from Linda, made our trip truly unforgettable. I fell in love with Colombia and will be using this company to explore more. Thank you @connectcolombia for your outstanding services. Medellin, Cali and Bogota, I am coming for you!"
Ycnaduy, USA
"Connect Colombia left me traveling Cartagena, Colombia like a local. I did not feel like a tourist. My trip was perfectly planned from the moment I woke up with breakfast to the rumbas in the evenings. Thank you so much! Now need to go to Medellin."
Leonardo, USA
"I had one of the best trips of my life thanks to Connect Colombia. I got see Medellin in a way I would have never imagined. I already can't wait to go back!"
Maria, USA
“An unforgettable experience with our closest friends. Connect Colombia helped us finally plan the holistic trip we always wanted to do.”
Stephanie, USA
"Just returned from a friends 30th birthday trip planned by connect colombia and I don't have enough nice things to say. Perfectly planned and executed. Highly recommended and will be using again in the near future!"
Alba, USA

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