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We are a travel agency that purveys unique experiences, specializing in custom itineraries for the modern day explorer looking to travel to Colombia.

We are culture seekers. Not tour agents.

We hire the local experts, because who else knows the best late night munchie spots?

We only work with private housing, and the majority of our properties include staff members to attend to your every need.

We dance Champeta with the locals in Cartagena. Or at least we try.

And we immerse ourselves in 10 days of nonstop cultural activities for La Feria de Las Flores in Medellin.

We take half the shot of guaro because thats how Colombians do it.

And sometimes we crave a digital detox and sail off to a private island to reconnect with nature and do some sunrise yoga.

Above all, we are changing the way travelers explore Colombia.

Do you want to explore Colombia like a local? We are the perfect travel agency for you.

The Guest Book

This is what our travelers are saying about their experiences with Connect Colombia
"Just returned from a friends 30th birthday trip planned by connect colombia and I don't have enough nice things to say. Perfectly planned and executed. Highly recommended and will be using again in the near future!"
Alba, USA
“We always wanted to visit Colombia but never really knew how to connect with the right wellness professionals to help us detox from our every day lives. We are thankful for Connect Colombia for making this happen”
Leo, USA
"Connect Colombia set up one of the best trips of my life. The staff really knows what they are doing."
Diego, USA
"Connect Colombia left me traveling Cartagena, Colombia like a local. I did not feel like a tourist. My trip was perfectly planned from the moment I woke up with breakfast to the rumbas in the evenings. Thank you so much! Now need to go to Medellin."
Leonardo, USA
"My first time in Colombia, we went to Medillin, well organized, safe beautiful and extremely fun!!!"
Jon, USA

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