Luxury travel experiences you can enjoy in Colombia

Luxury travel experiences you can enjoy in Colombia

Colombia's history and culture are characterized by the colonial and modern architectural mix of its cities. That magical realism hides a certain sumptuousness, especially in Cartagena.

In Connect Colombia we tell you about the best luxury experiences of the most beautiful cities.
  1. City historical tour
  2. We cannot start this article without talking about Cartagena. This city, which is also called La Heroica, overlooks the Caribbean Sea in a bay surrounded by islands and lagoons. It’s one of the main tourist attractions in the country, a true jewel of colonial architecture with almost 500 years of history.

    In Cartagena, there is a historical center surrounded by 13 km of walls. Inside you can admire the wooden balconies, patios decorated with flowers, narrow alleys, imposing buildings, cafes, luxurious restaurants and century-old churches.
  3. Visit the Rosario Islands by private boat
  4. Rosario Islands are majestic. We couldn't talk about a luxury travel to a beach without thinking about renting a private boat or yacht. In Cartagena there are different suppliers that are willing to give you the best experience, meeting high international standards.
  5. Yacht party
  6. The previous point unquestionably leads us to consider planning a boat party along the Atlantic Ocean. The immensity of the Cartagena sea is immersive, and the quality of service of its inhabitants is even more so.
  7. Stay in a private island
  8. If within your luxury travel to Colombia you have contemplated a space for total relaxation, what better than doing it in a completely paradisiac place and away from all the stress of the day to day. You can detoxify from the digital and concentrate completely on your deepest thoughts.
  9. Exotic fruit delight
  10. As a rule, fruit in Colombia is delicious. So fresh, so ripe, and so tasty! And Cartagena seems to take this to a whole new level – or perhaps it is the fact that it is so hot that every fruit tastes even better!
  11. Private cooking classes
  12. Colombia is full of distinctive features, one of them is the result of the fusion of Amerindians, descendants of Spanish settlers and African slaves. All this is reflected above in the kitchen, rich in ingredients, recipes and typical dishes that vary from region to region. In coastal areas, the protagonist of the table is roast cooked fish or accompanied by crustaceans and seafood. While in the innermost areas, mainly pork and beef are eaten with beans, rice, and potatoes.
  13. Classes of salsa, champeta o reggaeton with Colombians
  14. More than a luxury, salsa dancing is a privilege. On your luxury travel to Colombia, you will have the opportunity to share with the natives and learn not only about a dance but about a new culture, because the Colombians carry the rhythm in their veins.
  15. Cultural celebrations of the country
  16. Just as you can attend great knowledge of events, your luxury travel can be the perfect setting for an interesting cultural exchange. Such is the case of events such as the Feria de las Flores in Medellín, famous for the Silleteros Parade, a journey with artisan florists from the city who perform majestic artistic interventions with flowers.
  17. Visit the coffee haciendas to taste the "real" Colombian coffee
  18. The coffee axis is perhaps the polar opposite of the beach, however, it is still beautiful. The landscapes of Quindío and Medellín are completely green and full of life. In addition to that, you will have the pleasure of delighting at first-hand export type coffee in your luxury travel, and all the derived products that the inhabitants of the coffee axis or also called "paisas" have for you.
  19. Go shopping
  20. Buying in Colombia is a colorful and pluricultural experience. Many tourists say that Colombia is home to several of the best boutiques in Latin America. Not only do you find your favorite luxury brands, but you can also buy national products of the highest quality and wear some of the region's native style.
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